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Find the best Chicago beach parking. Perfect for Montrose, North Ave, Oak St, and Ohio Beach parking options.

North Avenue Beach

Probably the most popular of Chicago beaches thanks to it’s large size, central location and the ever popular Castaways, North Avenue Beach is always the place to be come summer. Great for people watching and it’s unbelievable views; residents, suburbanites and tourists alike flock to the sand and sun of this beautiful beach.

Offering up a variety of recreational activities brings in large numbers of people to the beach every sunny day of the season. This influx can make what was already a tough area to find parking in, even harder.

Things To Do At North Ave Beach


North Avenue Beach Parking

Check out some monthly parking options around North Avenue Beach, or any of Chicago’s other beaches and keep your summer stress-free.

North Avenue Beach Parking



Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach is a hot spot for summer gathering with the backdrop of Lake Michigan’s glistening beauty and framed by the majestic skyscrapers of downtown Chicago. One of our smaller beaches and located in a highly-populated, highly- trafficked area, makes a pre-arranged parking space essential if you work or live near this beach.

Oak Street Beach Monthly Parking

Peruse these monthly parking options currently available near Oak Street or any of Chicago’s beaches. You can also get a bit more specific in your search by linking here and typing in the address that you’re looking to find a parking spot near. A number of possibilities will pop up, helping you find the best options to choose from. Pick the spot that works best for you, click on it, and start parking right away. It’s that easy!

With a range of parking options around Oak Street Beach – including private residence garages, parking garages, or open lot parking – you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect monthly parking space.

Oak Street Beach Parking

Montrose Beach Parking

Chicago’s premier dog beach (don’t worry non-dog owners, there is also a “strictly human” section of the beach as well), Montrose Beach is definitely on your pup’s “Favorite Things To Do” list.

South of the recreational beach, Montrose also boasts a natural area that attracts many migratory birds during the fall and spring seasons. A serene dune area hosts a rare “panne” habitat — a flat, wet and open sandy area — for birds. Endangered plant life thrives at this location and is open for people to wander through. If you dig nature, it’s pretty cool stuff.

Parking is available starting at $99 a month near Montrose Beach. Check out some of the other monthly parking options in the area, or around any of Chicago’s beaches, and keep your summer parking-stress-free.

montrose beach parking

Beach Parking

Suck in those stomachs and break out the speedos, Chicago! Beaches are open!

Unfortunately, all those beach go’ers have to park somewhere – quickly filling those open neighborhood parking spots. If you happen to live or work near some of Chicago’s more popular beaches like North Avenue Beach, Oak Street Beach, or Ohio Street Beach, prepare yourself for some serious hassle when searching for a space this summer.

But stress-free parking is easier to obtain than you might think. Instead of spending half of your day circling for spots that don’t even exist, consider the idea of renting a monthly parking space.

ParkWhiz offers a selection of rentable monthly parking options that spread up and down the Lake Michigan “coast line” of Chicago.

Make the best decision of your summer and check out available monthly parking spots near Chicago’s beaches.

Available Downtown Beach Parking

Beach parking in Chicago